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May 15, 2020, 3:38 p.m. -  Vik Banerjee

I don't usually use the built-in stuff sack. If I'm wearing the vest/jacket and riding from home when I no longer want it I just roll it around itself and stuff it into the Super-8 or into my frame bag. If I am carrying the jacket as a just-in-case item I'll roll it and put it into a ziplock bag. The bag protects it and I have occasionally needed a ziplock bag when out and about on my bike. Putting it in its stuff sack is a hassle as it's tight and it gets super wrinkled that way. I know I am a fashion victim! \#soSAD Rolling it gets it nice and small, is easier and it comes out unwrinkled! [\_48e32d5dc2\_b.jpg]( Photo with the vest stored in the Super 8. ^^^ The jacket's hood is generous enough to fit over my large IXS Trail RS helmet. I'd say the coverage was good, but not excellent. The hood could be bigger, but then it would be too large for non-helmet use so I think they've struck a reasonable balance for a generic jacket. Patagonia will repair the jacket including the zippers free for the life of the item as long as it's a fair use failure. They do any repairs at a low cost even if it's abuse. So either way you know you can get a lot of use from this item. As Bushpilot notes they are often available on sale if you are not picky about the colour. I wear the vest a lot as it covers a huge range of likely Van Isle riding conditions and with the zip I can adjust my core temp on the fly really well without stopping the bike. Too bad the vest is not being offered currently.

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