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May 14, 2020, 9:40 a.m. -  Andy Eunson

Flat levers don’t work for me because it causes me to reach up by dropping my wrist to get a finger on the lever. Too far down is another reach. I look at how my finger moves and line up the brake lever in line with that. I want my wrist straight when I’m attacking. That’s the strongest position. Boxers punch on a straight wrist. Slap shot, straight wrist.  But experimenting is a really good thing. Copying is not necessarily good. Often you hear an argument about an unusual set up and people say “it works for them”. Like Kulhavy’s set up. It may work, but perhaps a more traditional set up might work better. Perhaps Kulhavy would have won races like Nino with a different bike set up.  The wide bar thing is another. I see riders with their hands further apart than their elbows all the time. I m not sure that’s a good thing.

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