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March 21, 2016, 3:13 p.m. -  can't pedal backwards

#!markdown I ride a Nomad here on the shore with Srams 1×11 and the backpedal derailment annoys the heck out of me. before I made the commitment to a frame with no front derailleur, I did all the research I could to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I never read anywhere about this issue in any of the reviews I could find. I know this is a bigger issue depending on the bike and setup… and I know I'm not the strongest climber… but being constantly stressed out through a techy climb what my gears are going to be doing while making adjustments is crazy to me. Not to mention that backpedaling while coasting down fast roads, something I've done since childhood (only because for some reason it feels good inside) is no longer a thing. I've literally had to train myself to not backpedal when looking for that childhood feeling of freedom. How this mostly goes unmentioned on the biggest reviews of the biggest thing in bikes since the dropper post is mind blowing. It's not until you get into the comment sections or the reviews on this new 50t setup that people talk about it. Again, it's probably my fault for riding my bike wrong. Also, I'd still not trade my Nomad or it's faulty drivetrain for anything 🙂

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