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May 8, 2020, 5:50 p.m. -  AJ Barlas

Well put Dave and I agree with your sentiments. Yesterday I found myself listening to classic Australian rock in my home office and singing my lungs out so hard, you’d think I was practicing for the World Karaoke Championships (Aussie Edition ;) ). I honestly couldn’t have been happier. At that point I hadn’t ridden my bike for 3 weeks and the ‘ride’ before that was to scout some locations for future stuff (more hiking than biking) but here I am, happy as can be. I had a health scare the last couple of weeks that helped refocus my perspective as well. Waking up every morning and walking the dog around the usual route is amazing enough. Working out in the (home) gym with my wife after getting clearance was great. Cuddles with my young dog and his joy for anything in life is a beautiful reminder to just enjoy every minute and not get fixated on the future or ‘things.’ I guess what I’m saying is that the simple things bring so much joy but we often get caught up in the battle to improve and outdo—whether ourselves or a friend—that we forget to enjoy just being. I went for a mellow ride today. It was fun but did it bring more joy than I currently have in my life or that I could get doing cutties in the gravel around my street? I don’t know, but it was sure nice to munch on some Miner’s Lettuce and take in the surroundings of somewhere different to where I’ve been hiking with the dogs. The best part, though, was coming home to the little furball, frothing to see me and give more cuddles. Oh, and six t-shirts are definitely luxury. I reckon three a week is excessive. Ha! 😉

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