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April 24, 2020, 7:35 p.m. -  Lu Kz

I absolutely adore the ideas that come out of e13. Their cassettes are fantastic and I loved everything about the old remote remote. Cassette that threads in to itself to add extra range? Genius! Fully mechanical dropper post? Brilliant! The design, the ergonomics.... except the low quality metal used.  I've been through two that have just been shredded during routine rebuilds. The first one I thought maybe I'd been a bit ham-fisted (despite a couple years of wrenching under my belt), so I used a torque wrench on the second. Nope! Also stripped. The seatpost mast also loosened off on the older version of the post as well. I loved the idea of the fully mechanical post, but my saddle ended up being able to spin a full 360 degrees. It's too bad because I really like what e13 does generally. They have really good ideas hindered by cheaper metals. Personally, I'll have a hard time giving them another shot in the dropper post/lever department. I'll stick to the cassettes for now.

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