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April 3, 2020, 7:59 a.m. -  Jonathan Schwarz

This piece sounds interesting!! I've been reading more on forward geometry but still can't find much in the way of actual sizing suggestions. Some bike brands seems to be more forward geometry oriented (Norco, Kona). But then Rocky size charts put me on a Large with a HA 66, STA 74.5, Reach 454 and ETT 624. I've been gleaning some tips from comments in forums but still trying to figure out how that applies to myself.  I'm 182cm, 186.5 armspan, 87.5cm inseam. Would love to hear any tips you have on finding an ideal reach/stack/ETT. I know riding is the best way to figure it out for yourself - but it can be tricky getting to demo a bunch of bikes, combined with the small stem/bar/seat offset changes you would need to make to get that ideal balance. Having a ballpark to start with to find a frame that would work - that would be awesome

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