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March 27, 2020, 5:43 p.m. -  bumVSmtn

I seemed to remember your being a Honzo aficionado! For sure a steepish head angle at 68 so not truly modern when compared to some of the more aggressive hardtails in its class.  Forgot to mention that my Pike is 130mm so not hugely over-forked. The 30th anniversary Honzo ST was spec’d with a 46mm offset but the 2020 ST ended up back at 51mm. That “critical point” I mentioned was unlike anything I’d ever experienced on any bike and as mentioned I found it about 6-7 times this Fall, all in the exits of slightly insloped turns (not deep berms).  Can’t wait to trim the bars and report back- though it will be a little bit given our world at this moment in time.

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