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March 26, 2020, 8:10 a.m. -  DanL

This was the result of war-gaming pandemic simulation run in 2019. It also assumed that there was also a centralized office that could co-ordinate the response : []( ‘ That a biomedical powerhouse like the U.S. should so thoroughly fail to create a very simple diagnostic test was, quite literally, unimaginable. “I’m not aware of any simulations that I or others have run where we \[considered\] a failure of testing,” says Alexandra Phelan of Georgetown University, who works on legal and policy issues related to infectious diseases. ‘ Texas is already talking about letting people sacrifice themselves in order to let others live. And most of the thrust of this is to get the economy back on track not to save lives. There is a seductive idea that the 'healthy' can go back to work next week

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