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March 26, 2020, 6:29 a.m. -  Matthias Wasmer

Living close to Italy and reading a lot of newspapers, internet articles, IG stuff and interviews with virologists I think this disease is going to be a really big problem. And right now, nobody is going to stop this. The numbers of tests in canada or the us are so small right now that the real problem is not even known. Perhaps you should just translate some articles from italy by google translate: []( []( Or if possible (subtitles?) listen to the interviews with the virologist C. Drosten (he developed the test for Covid-19 before that virus was even known, probably one of the persons worldwide with the biggest knowledge about this virus).  []( There is one interview every day ([]( I think it is going to be worse than we can imagine today. If possible stay home (biggest part of europe has a form of lockdown).

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