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March 24, 2020, 5:09 p.m. -  IslandLife

Man... I have a brand new bike being delivered at the end of the month... it's going to be really hard not to give it a proper shakedown...  But I am genuinely concerned about being "that guy" that breaks his pinky finger and needs to take vital time away from health care workers so that they can help me wit my wittle fingy... fuck, how douche-tastic would that be! Also, the whole aspect of exposing myself to that environment (hospital) and the following potential exposure to my family, means it's just not worth it. Well, looks like I just talked myself into taking it easy... guess I'll get really well acquainted with how my new bikes climbs then.   Maybe I'll just take lots of pics of it in the forest... get all artsy... then look at it a lot... and touch it... talk to everyone about it.  Maybe I'll take it on a tour of friends houses... just like stand with it outside, while they look at it from inside their house while I text them fire and 100% emojis.  Hmmm, I could get really really annoying with this, sounds like fun!

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