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March 24, 2020, 5:03 p.m. -  jdt

Regardless of what anyone thinks about COVID-19, and regardless of their attitude towards choice and personal risk, OUR ENTIRE SPORT AND RIDERSHIP will be judged based on how we behave over the next few months. This will endure for years to come, and will directly impact all the work that is done to maintain trail access and preserve the privileges we enjoy. There are also vultures, ready to pounce on the carcass of any bad publicity that is left behind.  Not only do we need to heed the warning, but our recreational leaders need to be fully prepared to take stronger action, even if symbolic, to direct the behavior of the ridership. That may lead to advocating local authorities to close the trail, if the most degenerate among us cannot be brought to heel (and ALL GROUPS, not just bikers) have degenerates. It would be far better for us to call in the measures than to have them imposed upon us. There is a social license at stake and no way that a selfish few should be permitted to jeopardize that for everyone.

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