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March 24, 2020, 10:18 a.m. -  Andrew Major

This has come as a total shock to me. I always figured that the reason some North Shore drivers are total assholes to pedestrians in crosswalks, cyclists, etc was a spill-over from the stress of driving in North Vancouver traffic, but it turns out that totally isn't the case. Riding my bike to work, in a painted bike lane, next to an **empty** 4-lane road, and I'm still getting buzzed by trucks. Empty taxis still cut me off. Some old f***er in his 1980's Chrysler mini-van lays on the horn and flips me the bird because he has to wait 2-secs to make his left hand turn - It's INSANE. I actually can't believe I'm saying this but I'm actually thinking about getting a GoPro for my commuter bike so there's maybe some evidence if I get wiped out and I've only been thinking that since the streets emptied out. - On the other hand, the trails were ~ empty on my ride this morning on Fromme. I saw five other people and none were on bikes. We all used pullouts and patience to ensure there was ample physical distance when crossing each other's paths and everyone looked positively relieved to get some forest time. The DNV has a brilliant sign making team and instead of closing this-and-that I'd love to see some humorous signage at major trail entrances educating folks on best practices when it comes to passing other users, maintaining 2m distance in the woods, and recommending off-peak visiting hours so that folks like me that can go at less busy times aren't in the forest in those few times a week when many folks have their only window.

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