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Jan. 27, 2017, 8:02 a.m. -  Dave Smith

#!markdown Good call. I'll update the article to address this. In the meantime, the issue I had was that I couldn't get the rim to hold air so half way through a ride I'd be dead flat. It turned out I was losing air around a valve stem that wouldn't seal to the rim. I couldn't figure out the issue so I took it to my local shop. The wrench, popped out the valve and we noticed the shape of the rubber stopper was square while Stans are rounded to form a better seal. The rim tape I swapped at the same time just for good measure. The point I should have made in the article is if the rim costs $2500 why cheap out on a generic stem? Why not just spec the best tubeless system? Anyway, I have a picture of the valve stems that I'll add to the article so you can see the difference.

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