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March 22, 2020, 3:26 p.m. -  bumVSmtn

In my stand-alone first aid kit (appx 2x4x5”): * Triangle bandage * Blood stopper pads * Steri-Strips * Regular Bandaids * Leatherman Micro (scissors/blade) * Merino skullcap * Lighter * Fabric patch * Duct tape strip * Space blanket * Voile strap (wrapped outside) * Whistle * Antiseptic wipes * Small pill selection (antihistamine, Tums, Advil, Asprin, and a few individual emergency-only prescription drugs) Carry this on every ride with a bigger bag in the vehicle if I’m driving to the trailhead. Not a medical professional, just a 25 year MTB rider with a basic 80 hour first aid class and a couple years of bike patrol experience.

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