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March 20, 2020, 9:14 a.m. -  Cr4w

Great article. I love this stuff. Especially seeing what weirdo stuff people continue to carry because _this one time something happened_. It's actually pretty remarkable that, despite much complaining, bikes are better than ever. I rarely have mechanicals and typically If I do have to pull out a tool on a ride It's to make an adjustment not a fix. I can understand people who came up In the modern era (say, the last 12 years) not seeing a need to bring a lot of stuff but damn those of us from before were scarred by many long walks home, vowing to never be caught unprepared again! One thing I always bring, even on the shortest rides Is a triangle bandage. For some reason this wilderness first aid staple Isn't available at Shoppers - I get mine from MEC. It's the perfect solution for pretty much any flesh wound and can also be tied as a sling. Paired with a tensor bandage you could triage a huge variety of Injuries.

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