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March 20, 2020, 4:19 a.m. -  Luix

We went into mandatory social isolation here in Argentina since Midnight. Until the first of April, any unnecessary travel or even street walking should be avoided. If anyone is found on the streets without a valid reason (such as grocery/medicine shopping, a medical visit, or going to work to an essential job which could not be performed remotely) it will get a nice ticket and an escort back home. If you refuse, you'll land your ass in jail. Gyms closed on Tuesday, schools closed on Monday, so we're thinking what to do to keep our legs moving. Luckily we have a nice backyard, so maybe I'll build a small pupmtrack to have my kid and me entertained. Other folks down here aren't as lucky as ourselves, locked in a tiny appartment. Even if this curfew gets longer, it's still for the best of all of us. The pandemia has just landed down here (relatively to EU/US/APAC) so the decision is easy: either we learn from the previous experiences and slow it down at the beginning, or we deal with the massive death toll it could bring. We are at the verge of autumn, and temperature will drop rapidly -as rain starts to fall more frequently- in the next month. Stay trong fellow MTBers, we will ride again out favourite trails soon. And that day I'll raise a beer to all of you, my brothers. Wanna see something a bit less dramatic? [Pinkbike is taking a lesson from NSMB](!!! Yes, the guys who almost patented "it costs less than USD 10,000" as a negative note for any bike review are going to try min/maxing and reviewing sensible priced MTBs!!! Isn't wonderful what a global pandemia could bring us?

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