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March 19, 2020, 7:44 p.m. -  Dude@

I live in California, south of the bay area in a shelter in place county. We are allowed to bike as essential health activity. I am very happy for this. I am working from home now and figuring that out. I live 10 minutes from the trails and taking advantage of the opportunity. Everyday, I now enjoy the lunch time ride with the dog and fresh air. However, I am not pushing it. I usually hit jumps and push the downhill speeds. These days, I am Just enjoying the pedal, fresh air, scenery, and mental break. The dog is loving this as well. I am happy to report folks are respecting the social distance. Instead of flying by each other, I and others are stopping and allowing for adequate passing space. It is an interesting recognition of the situation and acknowledgement of maintaining this activity. As a person with asthma and a bit older, biking helps my lungs so its critical for me to maintain some exercise particularly now to stay healthy for when the high statistical likelihood of my encounter of the COVID 19 happens.  Stay safe everyone!

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