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March 19, 2020, 9:54 a.m. -  SixZeroSixOne

One of my partner's co-workers has two kids at home who are now seriously bored (already). They don't normally ride much but yesterday mum and kids dug their bikes out and went for a quick spin around the neighborhood.  Youngest daughter panics when approaching a junction and slams brakes on. Mum (at the back of the group) swerves to avoid daughter and crashes, using the side of her face as a brake (and breaking her bike as well). Luckily, just flesh wounds and Mum is a nurse so can patch herself up without visiting ER! True story, bro... (I'm attempting to ride every day until told not to though I'm definitely avoiding anything too technical and being even more "car-aware" when on the road.  I'm also toning down the aerobic side as it's still relatively cool outside and I don't want to catch a "general" chest infection that compromises my system should I end up with Covid-19, which is fairly likely as my partner is also a nurse, and therefore she's at high risk as she can't self-isolate/WFH)

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