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March 18, 2020, 10:23 a.m. -  Andrew Major

The problem with RN01, Petespeed, BCD/Alex Morgan derailleur-in-a-box concepts and likewise Pinion or Effigear is they require a specific frame which introduces substantial risk to the manufacturer and purchaser in terms changing standards and future support v. obsolescence.  Also given the relatively low potetial risk adoption rate it’s just another crazy expense mountain bike part on the making as design, tooling, and support costs are born by a tiny number of riders. Again, not that Alfine is a perfect product but any tiny, small, medium, or large builder can make a frame mount around the 135mm axle standard with the option to run a rear derailleur/cassette for future proofing and preference and Shimano (or SRAM, or Sturmey, or etc) could amortize the development cost of a more premium hub gear system over way more riders (commuters etc) which means delivering a better product for way less money. I see what Shimano has done with Alfine 11 <$350 USD and wonder what they could make for twice that SRP. Cost of ownership would still be peanuts long term compared to their 12-spd derailleur options.

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