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Feb. 28, 2020, 1:49 p.m. -  Wile_E.

Thanks for this and for the advocacy of the XXL crowd.  I'm 6'2" and 280 on the bike.  I've seen some of the Norco guys on Burke and we don't look like twins.  If I set the app to Professional and set the offset to have me riding off the back, the shock recommendation is 290 psi which is still about 25psi less than I need to attain a reasonable amount of sag.  I may need to set it up like a Red Bull Rampage rider according to Norco.   I think all I can really do is aim for 30% sag in the rear and 25% sag in the fork and set rebound to (nearly) max (and have the shock custom tuned if it is too fast).  I get that I am an extreme outlier in the MTB community.  I probably should get out and find a fun way to exercise and lose some weight (oh, wait, wouldn't a bike be good for that?).  I wonder, though, if part of the reason I'm such an outlier is that it's a hard sport to break into for the sized.  Trying to find pads, jerseys, rain gear, and shorts is a nightmare, before I even get to bikes that need custom tuned shocks and manufacturers who void the warranty if I throw a leg over their bike (Norco does not btw, they say I have another 20 pounds before we get there).  Really I wonder to what extent there is a "if they build it bigger, they (my kind) will come" thing here.  I think if Cam really wants to do long term reliability reviews, he should get me testing parts... and I could scour the manufacturers for stuff that fits people who don't look like they did when they were 25.

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