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Feb. 28, 2020, 1:15 p.m. -  StuckInUk

Having been on the inside of Norco, I did have the conversation that people above 250lbs and 6'3" like to ride bikes too. I have had this many times over the years there.  They did somewhat listen and hence the seatpost angle changing as you go up in size.  Hopefully they will get there, but all the testers are really skinny so I am not holding my breath and folks above 240lbs riding bikes are extreme outliers according to the data, so I get it. For us larger folk though when using the the ride aligned app, just push the skill level to "semi-professional" to get your settings.  The pressure settings will work reasonably well for the shocks/fork on the A3.  It worked well for me and definitely made a difference to the way the bike rode as the suspension setup on this new geometry is geared towards higher pressures.

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