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Feb. 28, 2020, 8:12 a.m. -  Roxy Bombardier

In my state, Vermont, bicycles are considered to be a vehicle by law, not a motor vehicle, but a vehicle. I think that this is important for the rider to remember and keep to the front of their mind. You yield to those on foot, and you watch out for them as a vulnerable user, you're adding a great deal of speed to your mass. You might only weigh 150 pounds but add 20mph and a metal/cf frame to this mass and suddenly you become a more serious threat to the pedestrian. You might be used to other cyclists zipping close by you but most people are not. Bicycles are a political target and have been since they were invented, see your bicycle history. We have to strive to be police and work harder at it than most users, like it or not. These are classic in-group/out-group psychology issues. Being extra polite to trail users on foot pays dividends even if you don't make the PR/KOM/QOM or whatever. If you are hunting Strava accomplishments save it for closed courses and bike parks. Trails are closed to bike all too easily.

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