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Feb. 27, 2020, 1:20 p.m. -  Wile_E.

I keep reading these articles where testers set up the bike as they normally would and the bike was good but something was missing.  Then, they used the Ride Aligned App and unlocked a mode where Unicorns pranced down the trail in front of them smoothing out chunder and supporting them in railing turns.  So needless to say I was psyched that Norco had advice for me as to how to set up my new Sight (A29 XL).  Unfortunately, the Ride Aligned App doesn't include the A3 (no help for the impoverished mountain biker on an entry level Sight), and the Ride Aligned system doesn't handle a rider weight about 240 pounds.  As a bigger rider (tall as well as heavy) I must say the Sight is amazing at putting me in a balanced position on the climbs, feels really stable on descents, and the suspension is running pretty well... but come on, Norco.  I want the magic setup numbers too!!!!

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