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Feb. 13, 2020, 11:09 a.m. -  Mike McArthur

Great article again Andrew. Am not surprised you're getting a big response as I think it speaks to a lot of riders. This content sets nsmb apart. After owning a dozen+ bikes, I've learned you can't upgrade from the wrong geo in a lot of situations, but once you find your fit...the nuances are many for bike swap vs upgrade. Fist bump to the the guy who thought about getting carbon enve 26" rims in the early days of larger wheels, but never pulled the trigger. Can't say same goes for the guy who spent $600 on new shock for frame that won't clear a 2.4 + mud..  That said, I smile every time I see that rider on a 6 yr old frame. Bikes that stand the test of time and are worth upgrading are where my mind goes every time I read a product review. As our resale values tank (try selling a 3 yr old Sight, Pivot or Thunderbolt) and $6K for Eagle NX spec is the new norm, this article is more relevant that ever. Thanks again.

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