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Feb. 13, 2020, 10:04 a.m. -  Shinook

I'm in Western North Carolina (Pisgah, DuPont, etc). We don't have terrain as steep and, from what I gather, the roots on the trail here are smaller, but grouped together more. We are in the mountains, though, and so we have longer descents and some of them can be fairly technical, but not as much to BC standards. We also don't have a lot of wood features. That said, we do have a lot of wet trails and priority here tends to be more around traction than rolling speed esp on the off camber, rooty/rocky trails, of which there are many.  Like most tires, the pressures you run can give wildly different results. I weigh about 195-200lbs and found that the 2.6 up front does better around 20-21psi, whereas the 2.3 in the rear I run around 24-26psi depending on conditions. Another rider I know here on the same bike/terrain, runs 18-19f/22-23r, but he's about 10-15lbs lighter than I am. I didn't get along with the Assegai, but I only tried the EXO+ version in MaxxTerra, I haven't run any of the MaxxGrip compound tires. I found it gave up traction quickly in the wet, esp roots, and corners were unpredictable. Interesting you had issues on roots, though, because that's where they surprised me the most. Even when they were wet, it seems like the Butchers held on well to the off camber, slimy roots we get in spots here, better than Minions have for me, at least.

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