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Feb. 13, 2020, 8:46 a.m. -  Deniz Merdano

Everybody exists in their own matrix and everybody has their own parameters when judging a tires performance. The variables are so vast that reviewing tires in a comment section is a shot in the dark at best. The quantifiable characteristics of a certain tire can depend on; **Upfront** Tire pressure, Fork pressure, damper type, service history, frame reach, handlebar width, brake model,  **Rear ** Tire pressure, Shock pressure, suspension kinematics, suspension service history, rim complience, riding position, etc  North shore riding represents 1% of "mtb experience" shared by the whole wide world. The terrain is different here and it changes dramatically within the 100km radius we ride in daily. Reviewing tires require years of experience on immeasurable combinations of bikes,tires and ground conditions. Cam has summed it up well and armed you with the information to make your next tire selection a little more, inquisitive.  For me, a DHF 2.5, WTB Verdict 2.5, work really well up front in all conditions.. Rear tire i am less picky, it needs to have tough casing and a paddley design and i am fine..

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