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Feb. 12, 2020, 10:13 a.m. -  DanL

2015 process with a 180 One Up here...can't get the post as far down as I'd like due to where the standard stealth exit hole is so cutting a new exit hole would definitely fix this if you want to be able to go past the 150mm it was specced with originally. Great article, one other upside is that I now have so many solid bits hanging off an old frame, when I update the frame the solid bits come with me. Especially important is knowing about the boost cap upgrade (and re-dish) to move up to new standards. And rebuild a CCDB air into a Coil? That's an amazing bit of black arts. I'm all ears about methods for extending the length of the CCDB coil as well as that's the only thing that wouldn't translate into a new frame for me.

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