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Feb. 12, 2020, 8:33 a.m. -  JT

Love all of this. I had been on a 16 27.5 Remedy when a friend who works for a non profit bike shop in a local high school contacted me about an AL Yeti SB66 frame they were donated. Total bait & switch on his end, asking me what they could expect to sell it for then selling it to me for $150. He knows me well. Frame was in excellent shape. I couldn't say no because, well, because. It was a bigger frame than what I normally run, and with no thoughts to resale or possible warranty situations, I knocked off 25mm from the seat tube to be able to run a 150mm dropper and poked a hole in the BB forging to run a stealth post. After a few rides I flipped my Remedy. No regrets. As long as Maxxis keeps making quality 26" knobbies the only issue will be the hunt for quality 26" rims at some point. Fork wise, I'll probably stick with Manitou since the 27.5 Mattoc can be converted to a 26" fork easily enough, and I'll doubt I'll pick up on the couple mm's difference in offset.

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