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Feb. 12, 2020, 7:34 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Oh, there’s plenty of do it yourself kits. I know your time to ride is very limited and you don’t have magic natural conditioning so you probably want to skip any middle-ground and go all-in with a plug-in option. You’ll have to strip down your old Heckler - good opportunity to clean it up - and then when that’s done hang the frame on your wall next to your TV. Now hit the internet and order a Laz-Y-Boy leather recliner with the biggest motor you can find. Plug that beauty in - endless charges for you and no worries of trail side mechanicals or starting a fire with some of those other sh*t DIY kits. Now fire up YouTube and load up as many Shore-based GoPro mountain bike videos as you have time for... tape your recliner remote and TV remote to your handlebar and you basically have the AXS experience. You’re welcome! \[/Hahahahahaha\]

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