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Feb. 12, 2020, 7:05 a.m. -  Vik Banerjee

I buy bikes planning to keep them a while. 4 years on the low side and 10 years on the top end. I buy mid to upper level parts and maintain them well. I've usually got 2 FS bikes on the go. One I ride in summer and one for winter. That means I can strip the one not being ridden down and do all the maintenance without any panic about missing out on trail time. The only issue that's really caused me to want to sell a bike is when the geo gets out dated and I start riding something that's different enough I can't transition back to the old geo and enjoy it. I'm thinking that's not going to happen as much going forward as it did in the past simply because I am pretty much maxed out on the Reach and STA I can ride with my current go to bike \[GG Smash\]. So I think it will be a 10 year bike, but only time will tell.

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