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Feb. 11, 2020, 8:34 p.m. -  Shoreboy

Challenge accepted!  I used JensonUSA as much as I could for pricing.  I also had to assume that you would be credited with zero dollars for the components on the base priced spec, so this is the full dollar amount for the upgrades. I used the cranks in the AXS upgrade kit rather than the Shimano ones they had listed cuz it was easier. All in USD.  An XX1 Eagle AXS 'upgrade kit' (Shifter, Cranks, Chainring, Chain, Rear Derailleur, Cassette) = $2000 i9 hubs =$650 King Headset = $140 Code RSC brakes = $490 for the pair Reverb Stealth = $400 Fox 36-E Float Performance = $829 (this is not even the top of the line fork) SC Reserve 30 Rims = $1200 for the pair (yes, thats just for the rims) SC Di2 Carbon Bar = $150 (bit of a guess on this one) TOTAL = $5859 So it would be close to $6000 IF you were paying full retail AND you got absolutely nothing for the components that are being replaced on the base bike.

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