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Feb. 10, 2020, 10:09 a.m. -  Vincent66

Thanks for your response. I was very interested in those Hayes brakes since they have been released, but I don't know anybody owning them. I know Hayes can make great products ; I'm still using 2003 HFX-Mag on my summer bike ... As for my maguras, I might indeed just have been unlucky ... First intention on "shigura" was to keep the power of their caliper while getting a "stronger" lever assembly ; it might not be the best -overall- option, but it appeared to be the cheapest as SLX levers are pretty cheap. But, since then, I didn't break any more lever. I agree also on the HC lever : definitely love it ! Is there a reason why they do not come as stock ? Everybody seems to prefer them over their 2-fingers levers. I'm very interested in your cura-4 review as well. Please, include some comparison with maguras, Hayes, ...

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