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Feb. 10, 2020, 3:29 a.m. -  Glass

I live in the French Alps and am currently running a 11-50T sunrace cassette cut down to 10 speeds, 13-50 with a 2x 24/32T setup. I manually shift my front chainrings. Over here the climbs tend to be long and steep and running a 30T implies a lot of pushing uphill which isn't really my thing. I do agree with the article since I don't  really use all the gears on my cassette either. I tend to pedal uphill and a tad on flat but to go fast downhill all I have to do is let go of the brakes due to the gradient. I am waiting on a 60T rear cog so I can go back to running a 1x setup. Something with 9 gears would be great for me here say 13-16-20-24-30-36-42-50-60 with a front 30T ring. I could probably get away with 8 speed without the 13T cog.

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