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Feb. 8, 2020, 8:03 a.m. -  Gbergevin

I bought a Sagma pretty much as soon as they were available stateside...and they're still barely available stateside. I bought it because I needed a saddle, having worn through the cover on an old race face, loving all things Bikeyoke, and liking all the cool features it's got. I've got two rides on it, a short day bike rip, then I moved it over to my gravel bike and did a 20 miler. Initial impressions - it's short, it's light. Short is obviously the point of this advertarticle, but I was really paying attention to the length when I bought it. I usually run old school long saddles, I'm a scooch forward guy... It's also light. I don't weigh or spend much money on seats, usually, and this one has all sort of extras in the design, so I was surprised how light it felt in hand. It also feels strikingly normal. The foam bead passing thing is unobtrusive...just feels like a seat, firm, moderately thick padding. The rail suspension is stiff, doesn't seem like much in hand.  On the bike, same story - padding and rail design don't lead to a feel that this is some kind of radical seat. In use... I like it! My butt and more importantly junk agree with the shape. It seems to want to nose down a bit, and it has some harder edges to watch for, but it was easy to set up and get comfortable.  Only complaint is the cover has developed a weird crease where those beads are compressing. It might just be ugly, but it also looks like a great place to turn into a rip... I'll watch it. Going to try to do a longer gravel ride today.

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