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Feb. 8, 2020, 6:44 a.m. -  twk

I announced in a similar comment section on here to be working on something like that for my pipedream moxie -- and while I cannot provide photographs as all my phones capable of taking such are basically paperweights right now (unlike bikes, hmm), I can at least describe it: I got myself a relatively affordable minipump made by "pro bike tool" (no joke, their pumps are nice), it has a hose to screw onto a valve and the pump stashed inside which I find pretty clever and survives the local muck without issue so far, dishing out reasonable volume per stroke. It's mounted under the bottle holder, where I can fit up to 1l of water. An emergency tube, tire levers, small bits to deal with tubeless punctures and valve cores, my leatherman and a multitool I hate are all tightly packed together in a DIY drybag, which I affix at the toptube/downtube junction using one of those totally enduro straps (this one has a seperate strip of velcro to hold the items attached to the inside, so nothing rattles loose). Because the strap isn't really meant to wrap around two tubes and my emergency gear, there's a lot of exposed velcro, but not to worry -- it's covered by a piece of stick on velcro stuck on a piece of old plastic foil I fished out of my trash. The drybag itself is just a piece of waterproof fabric folded in half, sewn together (seams glued) and closes with velcro, the remaining slack taken up by rolling it up and wrapping it in the strap. This literally took 1 hour to make. So far, I've done daytime rides of up to 4.5 hours (with a refill stop) using that setup and no pack or bumbag. When nightriding or when I have to carry a basic medikit, more water, and food, I add an additional bumbag. Before setting all this up I was a firm believer that packs don't have any real downsides, but my delicate skin sored up by my backpack convinced me otherwise. I won't go back unless I intend to ride an entire day or so. I also stopped using a dropper, since I ride my SS standing up most of the time anyway, and consequentially lost 20 pounds, learned three languages and used the time I saved on dropper post maintenance and lever actuation to achieve inner peace with myself. Sorry for diverting hard over here, got carried away by how simple solutions feel so liberating yadayada. Cheers.

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