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Feb. 7, 2020, 1:58 p.m. -  Andrew Major

So ignoring the bacons, as I indicated that should just be integrated with the Clutch Fork system, a substantial amount of the cost of these tools is the integration not the tools themselves (a basic multi-tool w/ chain breaker and CO2 cartridge w/ simple inflator - as you note) whether it’s the magnetic crank axle mounting system or the insert system for the head tube. If you’re in the market for integrated tools - and it’s a growing market - then I don’t think Giant’s value is out of line compared to what other companies sell and what’s coming down the pipe. OneUp EDC is a popular example, but also check out what Specialized charges for a shitty bottle cage with a tiny integrated multi-tool. If you’re just going to buy tools and put them in your pack then of course the integration adds no value over basic tools. Personally, outside of testing stuff, I carry a bunch of tools in my hip pack and integration isn’t a consideration. I actually love the German-made [SKS Toolbox Race]( \- which is not a comparatively cheap tool - because it has really nice tool interfaces and a hard plastic shell so I don’t have to worry about the tool damaging anything else I carry (as an example of criteria that may justify a larger investment than a basic tool block). But, I know an increasing number of riders who don’t even wear a hip pack anymore and I totally get why companies are responding to this growing market.

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