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Feb. 6, 2020, 4:34 p.m. -  Andy Eunson

I think some of those short saddles came about due to the ridiculous UCI rules governing saddle set back for road bikes. Short riders and very tall riders often can’t set their saddle in the optimal place especially on a tt bike. I tried the short Specialized saddle but it wasn’t the best shape for me and too firm. But it was fine on my cross bike. But road saddles are designed for a more bent over riding position and usually don’t make good off road saddles. I don’t scootch forward very much except for really steep short pitches. Steep being 30% or so. My Chameleon has a static seat angle of around 71° but I have a relatively low saddle height of 69cm from the bb so I don’t loop out ever. Plus (oh horrors how can that work) I have extended the rear centre as much as the adjustable dropouts go. The short chainstays for everyone needs to die. It’s stupid. It does nothing except shift a riders weight too much to the rear. Oh. I know, let’s make reach really long. Dang. Now the effective top tube is too long. Oh. Let’s crank the seat tube forward so far that we need short nosed saddles that don’t rattle between your butt crack when you stand up. Seriously though I don’t think a 71° is good  and maybe a 74 ish is more logical. But taller riders (not me) need longer stays and not a steeper seat angle.

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