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Feb. 4, 2020, 9:02 a.m. -  Cooper Quinn

The test bike was a large - I'm 'round about 5'10-ish and with a relatively short 30" inseam. I've got 1" of additional drop I could use on the post. If I wanted to use something with more drop, I might have to look at a post with less stack height.  So... your concerns aren't unfounded, but a lot of riders my height will probably have a little bit more wiggle room.  And agreed - this bike is in a very crowded market. The ST platform is very interesting, if possibly a bit less of a One Bike to Rule Them All here in BC? It'd be a lot more interesting to me if the geo was modernized a bit, I really enjoy a good short travel bike (I'd love to play on a Yeti SB100 for a bit). The suspension works well, but the angles on this (or the ST) just never quite did it for me around here when the going got steep.

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