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Jan. 30, 2020, 7:17 p.m. -  Andrew Major

I think there will always be another Elixir bleed issue, Shimano wandering bite point, Marzocchi AVA, or random QC/QA issue to open back up what seems like a set order to things. A couple years ago it seemed like every performance mountain bike had Shimano brands and a SRAM drivetrain. Then all the issues with M8000 happened and Shimano upped their 1X game and it’s to imagine Shimano drivetrains it’s other brands’ brakes. Manitou forks used to be legion on the Shore back in the Sherman days! Who thought Magura would be grabbing OE spec and then the MT7/5/Trail hit the scene. It’s a fairly well established path. Produce a product, seekers find it and try it, if their feedback is positive then when a gap exist grab some small OE business, if that’s good then the exposure and good experiences bring larger OE sales and aftermarket sales. An upcoming example is the Cane Creek Helm fork. My brother was a very early adopter after having great experiences with their shocks. I’m not sure if there was a single review when he pulled the trigger. He just hit his 100hr service interval and neither the stanchions or the steerer tube creak in the crown. Sample size one - but he’s happy. It takes SKF RockShox 35mm seals so it’s extra smooth after the service. He’d recommend it to everyone. It seems that’s the general consensus among seekers and this year Cane Creek picked up a lot of small OE business with brands already doing their shocks. Now as hard as RockS-&-Fox have the fork game on lock-down the word going around is Cane Creek have some spec with bigger players next year.  I get what you’re saying specific to Hayes Bicycle Group but more competition is always better for riders so I hope you’re wrong.

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