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Jan. 29, 2020, 11:02 p.m. -  danimaniac

Thanks for pushing me over there. Somehow I already had the spreadsheet with brake data from that thread in my google-docs. Anyway.. I've added a bit of data I gathered from mtb-news forum and the Hayes Support: The Dominion A4 comes out almost as strong (on paper) as the Direttissima which (I guess) is regarded one of the strongest brakes, only bettered by Trickstuffs own Maxima Brake. The Cura 4 is a bit less powerful... Anyway.. when looking at the overall system leverage (hydraulic and mechanic) your input would be multiplied about 39 times with the Direttissima and A4, 36 times with the Cura 4. I'm really looking forward to finding out if these paper-facts will translate into your comparison. What sets the Dominion apart from the other brakes and explains the light lever feel is: The A4 generates by far the highest hydraulic leverage whereas Trickstuff and Formula achieve their braking power by using a relatively high mechanic leverage. That could explain the super light action and good modulation. BTW: V4 comes out really week: Your input will only be multiplied almost 30 times. Code is not much better (due to rather small braking calipers, factor 32.7 Combine the V4 caliber with a Code OR Dominion Lever and you'd put that brake on par with the pure A4 or Direttissima brake. I don't know if anybody is interested in this... but I am :D

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