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Jan. 29, 2020, 10:54 a.m. -  Andrew Major

I’ve previously owned E4 brakes with Tech-3 levers and also tested them on the aluminum Chameleon a couple years ago. I like the feel at the lever but at best they’re a SRAM Guide | TRP Slate comparison when it comes to power. In other words they’re a trail brake for other places but not something I’d choose to use for controlling a 29’er on steep janky Shore trails. I think their brakes are beautifully made with many well considered features; I’ve reached out a few times over the last few years about testing a pair of the more powerful V4 brakes but have never received a reply. That’s absolutely their prerogative of course. I have mentioned on multiple occasions that I think the hunk of plastic they call a ‘labyrinth seal’ on their freehubs is a sh*te way of doing things (see any premium pawl hub for a better system - I9, RaceFace, P321, Profile, etc) so it wouldn’t be the first time my printed opinion and Google conspired to keep a review from happening.

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