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Jan. 29, 2020, 6:20 a.m. -  Shinook

I've been on these for around 6 months now and love them. I had the M8020s and Codes previously, the former of which I had a ton of issues with (wandering bite point, regularly contaminated fluid, poor pad life, poor cooling/fade) and the latter I liked, but wanted a bit grabbier bite from. IMO most people with OEM codes will find these have better power, which comes on quicker, with little tradeoffs.  The only thing I disagree with is the bleed process, which I found markedly messier and more complicated than SRAM. The Bleeding Edge tool on the Codes makes life so much easier when bleeding, that anything else is a pain in comparison, but the issue I had here was the seal between the bleed fittings on the syringe. If you don't put a SLIGHT (don't overdo it) amount of pressure turning the fitting with some pliers, then it will leak. I feel it should seal under hand pressure. I also tried the SRAM fittings and it made a huge mess, so they fit, but didn't work for me. It's a minor gripe, because if you tighten the fitting ever so slightly, it seals fine, but the whole process is still a bit more work and can be messier than the competition right now. It's worth it for the overall feel and power, though, I miss them on any demo bike I get on.  Also, as someone with a lot of hand issues, the light pull on the brake levers has helped reduce arm and hand pain for me compared to brakes that require more power to squeeze.

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