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Jan. 24, 2020, 10:27 a.m. -  WheelNut

Sure the data makes sense, but for the MAJORITY of riders buying something with inherently broad capabilities is a better value. It's like with electric cars where battery range (corollary to gear range) is a huge selling feature because people want the capability whether they need it or not. Sure the 80km battery range of the Chevy Volt is statistically fine, but it doesn't matter because WHAT IF. People feel totally comfortable buying a 400km range Tesla. Sure a 120km range Tesla would be cheaper, handle better, have lower battery replacement costs, etc. The thing is that people feel totally comfortable buying a 500% 1x bike, but not a 300% gear range 1x bike. Also, swapping cassettes is a pain in the ass. One other interesting thing was the recent Cycling Tips chain test in which they found that the SRAM XX1 Eagle 12 speed chain was BY FAR the longest wearing chain out of the many chains in their test. It beat out 10 and 11 speed Dura-Ace chains by a wide margin. Keep the dang thing clean and lubricated though! That'll make that expensive cassette last way longer.

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