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Jan. 24, 2020, 7:47 a.m. -  illgobigger

"While we are at it can we get Shimano to loosen up on their double shifting? I miss that feature with SRAM components."   From the top of the comments, from "The Chez." In a strange turn, thanks to Ispec and no microspline freehub availability, my wifes wheelswap turned into a nightmare untill i discovered that 12 spd Shimano shifters WORK PERFECTLY with 12 spd Sram derailleurs!  Same ratio! If you own Eagle 12, but want to "fly" down the cassette with two thumb pushes, get an XT 12 shifter.  I had both my Shimano rep and Sram rep ride her bike and both just shook their heads speechless. Truly a ShRAMano set up huh Andrew?

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