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Jan. 23, 2020, 11:19 a.m. -  AndrewR

I didn't like Crank brothers pedals until I realised that they base their standard axle q-factor off 52mm rather than 57mm. It's because they started at the XC end of the spectrum. The narrower Q-factor is really annoying when wearing anything other than the slimmest XC style shoes.  The Mallet E LS have the longer axles as standard and have turned out to be a really good pedal. They clear really well and, for em, they are the best pedal at combating the Chilcotin lava ash that sets like concrete in one's pedals. The only downside or factor to consider with Crank brothers is that the brass cleats wear quickly relative to the steel cleats of other brands so factor in a replacement pair per season.

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