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Jan. 22, 2020, 1:36 p.m. -  AJ Barlas

This has frustrated me as well, Mammal. I posted a similar comment on my Instagram a while back about it. I'm absolutely dumbfounded that they haven't contacted Brook to at least see how they can improve based on his experience. As I said on Insta, though, that would mean accepting fault and as you state, they've just deflected any blame. Astonishing. IslandLife, I'm not sure I can clarify anything more for you? Based on what I saw, there were a number of eye-opening moments and why they didn't long line him is interesting. Initially, Wyn and others were being informed there was no helicopter. Staff on the ground were digging their heels in against that to start with. If I remember correctly from my time at Whistler Blackcomb, there are some protocols in place that make flying above lift lines a no-go, but perhaps a long line could be done anyway, just from above the limitation? The main gondola at MSA runs up the slope right where Brook was removed to and maybe that caused an issue there? My understanding and I may have mixed something up, is that Vilirium, the organization that puts on the World Cup events in MSA (and Crushed Ice in Montreal I've been informed) were responsible for everything on the hill. The UCI was there to check on things but weren't actually running the event. That said, the UCI still approved of everything, so I still believe they need to take it on the chin. My biggest fear is that promoters and the UCI don't do their best to learn from the situation and inadequate protocols are put in place for such accidents in the future. That and Vilirium opting out of hosting again – it would suck to lose a classic race like MSA. If dealt with appropriately though, we could see an even better race in MSA and one where all participants are confident in the decisions being made that affect them while putting on the incredible show they do. Because, in the end, they're skill and desire to ride bikes is being used to entertain us and promote cycling to the world. That being made better only benefits everyone involved.

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