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Jan. 22, 2020, 11:13 a.m. -  IslandLife

Brook's crash response still baffles the shit out of me and makes me angry.  In a country with hundreds of ski and mountain bike resorts and back-country areas that have lead to the development of a huge number of extremely experienced SAR teams... that deal with these kinds of incidents too often through the year.  How did this happen??! I've heard the excuses for the long lead time etc... but having witnessed long-line rescues on spine boards out of remote back country areas in less time than Brook was removed... I have zero idea how this was fucked up so badly. And if it's their process that truly impeded a more timely response... then it needed to be changed a long time ago and better not be the same right now, as it was when this happened. Is it not the same or similar teams running the response show at MSA during the winter??  Would someone injured in a inaccessible spot that can't be moved, during the winter not been long-line air lifted (in appropriate weather), much faster than this happened? Maybe I'm being naive... but a resort like MSA that is hosting a WORLD CHAMPS and not having a way to remove a significantly injured rider that can't be moved seems insane to me. Perhaps someone with more knowledge can explain this in a way that makes sense to me...

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