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Jan. 17, 2020, 12:12 p.m. -  Greg Bly

Courtesy is an action based on empathy. It's a gift that one has when they genuinely care about other people. I commute full time by bike. I see pedestrian s being assholes as well as bike commuters. People in cars same. It's to a certain degree to be expected. So I am grateful when courtesy is executed.   Mountain bikers are by far have the most courtesy out of any  group of people.  I talk in a pleasant loud voice when approaching dog walkers or hikers from behind and ask if it is Ok to pass them . I will stop if they look nervous.  I always give hikers and dog walkers the right of way if I'm traveling towards them . As in I stop and ask them to proceed past me.  I enjoy the many interactions I have with all user groups. OK I'm not super happy with commercial dog walkers. Why do you own a dog? It's good that the dog is getting attention and stimulation but isn't that the whole reason of owning a pet? Sharing that stimulation with your pet?  Still I am curteous to everyone.   Have I freaked out hikers going up Expresso? Yes I have.  People engrossed in a smart phone viewing or conversation. ? Yes they are startled when I say hi.  I apologise and smile.    We are the fringe group that hikers can point a finger at. We need to use courtesy at all times. We are human and some of us are ass holes. I think the rest of us have to work extra to balance out the negative connotations that we sometimes portray.   As a whole I find mountain bikers to be friendly and courteous. I'm glad to be a part of such a friendly group of people.

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