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Jan. 17, 2020, 5 a.m. -  olaa

Tons of good comments above! Over here in northern Europe mountainbiking (or enduroing...) has become the cool thing to do and that attracts a different category of people. Back in the day mountainbiking was very much a fringe sport where the riders were not in it because it was cool. Now every entiteled former golfer seems to be wanting to go mountainbiking, and that has changed the atmosphere in the community massively. It used to be laidback fun to go on larger group rides or mtb-events, now they are much more of a show of how incredibly cool the participants are and what cool gear they have. And then a fair bit of complaining that the trails are awkward and that other riders are in the way.... Sure, there were assholes before as well but they were more contained in our small weird community. So yeah, i guess i am a bit of an old grumpy man :) But i do take responsibility and have started a small event for other old and grumpy riders, where we will ride stupid steep trails that are pretty darn inaccessible. And then we will drink beer and complain about all the newcomers! (Please note a fair bit of sarcasm in the above text!)

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