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Jan. 16, 2020, 3:08 p.m. -  Sam James

That's funny because some of the rudest people I've encountered on the trails were middle-aged. Typically the type of person that has enough money to have all the gear and a nice bike, but doesn't understand trail etiquette because they think they're the centre of the universe, both on and off the trail. Also an interesting discussion that I was having with my colleagues - where do we stand when we shock someone hiking on a (fast) mtb primary trail? I always slow down for trail builders and anyone I find on the trail, and I'm perfectly happy sharing, even on trails that I know only exist thanks to mountain bikers, but frequently I've scared someone who's been hiking/running on a very fast mtb primary trail and seems to have no idea that it's a bike trail, despite apparently adequate signage. Now that person is probably going to go away with a negative impression of mountain bikers, despite me having done nothing wrong.

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